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Welcome to our website.  This opening page features the most up-to-date information about the ‘goings on’ at the Gallery.  It is what we think are the most important thing(s) that you need know about us and might include information on new events, artists, projects and world wide pandemics.  We also have Facebook and Instagram pages for the little things, but this website is where it’s at.

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Happy Trails, Prospector

Music Event – May 26th, 2024

Suzie Vinnick

Music Event – April 21st, 2024

Julian’s Office Art Silent Auction

Ends March 30th, 2024 @ 3pm

Mary Liv

Music Event – March 16th, 2024

Picking Up The Pieces

Music Event – March 3rd, 2024

Jessica Heine

Music Event – February 18th, 2024

Garage Sale

Saturday, February 17th, 2024, 11am to 3pm

From Away 2024

Julian’s annual Charity Calendar is still available.

Excess Craft Supply Sale

Saturday, February 3rd, 2024, 11am to 3pm

Edson Photography Club

Winter Photography Exhibition

November 16th – December 31st, 2023

Lisa Wilkinson

Sculpture Exhibition

November 23rd, 2023 – January 6th 2024

From Away 2024

Julian’s annual Charity Calendar has arrived.

Dave Carroll

Music Event – October 5, 2023

Calvin Volrath

Music Event – October 16, 2023

Mallory Chipman

Music Event – November 4, 2023


The Print Exhibition



Tim Isberg

Music Event – May 27, 2023


Dylan Farrell

Music Event – March 31, 2023



Kaeley Jade

Music Event – February 5, 2023

John Hewitt

Music Event – December 11, 2022


On The Move Again 2023

Julian’s 2023 Charity Calendar




Winter 2022 Photographic Exhibition

Featuring the work of Christophe Potworowski

Tom The Tomato Plant

New book available at Gallery

Watch here for details



The Wardens

Music Event – March 11, 2022



Learning The Basics

Photography Course

has been postponed until the fall

watch for details or sign up here for notification



The Heart of Edson Gift Cards


Home 2022

Julian’s 2022 Charity Calendar



Edson Photography Club

Winter 2021 Print Exhibition

T. Buckley

Music Event


Scott Cook

Music Event



Robbie Craig Pop-up Sale

Below The Peak

Exhibition of Mountain Images by Lee Nordbye

Alberta Culture Days 2020

COVID-19 and The Heart of Edson Update

At the present time (August 7) all restrictions regarding COVID-19 have been removed and as of August 16th, more measures will be removed including isolation rules if you have COVID.  Does this mean things are back to the pre-COVID normal?  Certainly not.  We will continue to live in a world where this virus, along with others, are present and are potential risks to our health and well being.  Our goal with this post is not to judge or act as public health officials but relate how we feel we can help keep ourselves and all of our visitors and our families safe and healthy:

  • indoor mask wearing is no longer mandatory but might not be a bad idea under certain circumstance
  • our point of sale system supports ‘tap’ technology for almost touchless payment – we will continue to sanitize the touch screen if you need to enter PIN
  • please respect the personal spaces of fellow Gallery visitors (and staff) and understand that everyone has their own comfort zones
  • we will continue to have hand sanitizer available at the entrance and on the service desk for your use – it is a good idea to sanitize as you come into the Gallery as there are a lot of items that just have to be picked up to appreciate.  If you do enjoy some of the art works in a physical way, not a bad idea to sanitize as you leave also.

‘As Mr. Spock said:  “Insufficient facts always invite danger.” but he is better known for “Live long and Prosper” so let’s do what’s logical and get on with things.

COVID-19 and The Heart of Edson

Yesterday (December 8th) saw another announcement of measures implemented by the government to help curb the rising number of cases of COVID-19 in our province.  As a retail space, we will remain open during this time and will continue to promote and enforce measures that are both mandatory and common sense.  These are the things you need to know:

  • mask wearing is mandatory indoors in public places, please wear yours while you enjoy The Heart of Edson
  • please sanitize you hands on entering and at the service desk
  • please avoid excessively handling merchandise
  • our point of sale system supports ‘tap’ technology for almost touchless payment
  • in the event you need to enter a PIN to make payments, it is on an iPad screen which is easily sanitized
  • please maintain a respectable physical distance from other patrons and staff during your visit

Thank you for your patronage and supporting a local business and the local arts community.

Alberta COVID-19 ‘Relaunch’ and The Heart of Edson

May 14, 2020 marked the beginning of “Stage 1” of Alberta’s COVID-19 Relaunch Strategy.  This group includes museums and art galleries.  In response to the lifting of some of the restrictions that have been in place for the last 2 months, The Heart of Edson Gallery and Studio will start opening to the public on Thursday, May 21st. Our hours will be the same as they were before the restrictions came into effect.  Prior to the 21st, we will post the measures we are taking to ensure our Gallery meets the standards laid out by the government ensuring the health and safety of everyone.

In the meantime, please have a look around on this website to see what we are all about.

If you have found your way to this site without the help of Instagram or Facebook, you might be interested to know we are giving away a limited edition fine art print by Julian Buchwald.  For details on the contest and how to enter click on one of our social media links below.

COVID-19 and the Gallery

In light of current world events, the Gallery will remain closed to the public until  further notice.  Some might argue that art is an essential part or our lives, but unfortunately it is not worth the public health risks to stay open.  On the plus side, it gives me time to work on some photographs and this website.  We have several ways to share our artists’ work during this troubling time.  Please check the Featured Artist Pages to see who’s got work at the Gallery.  Also, if there is something we have that you are interested in, please shoot us an email and we’ll work out a social distancing way of getting it into your hands.


303 – 50 Street
Edson, AB
(587) 466-0193


Open Hours

Thursday & Friday: 12noon – 5:30pm
Saturday: 11am – 3pm