Below the Peak Exhibition

Lee Nordbye
Oct 23rd – Dec 23rd, 2020

A collection of images of the Rocky Mountains by Alberta photographer Lee Nordbye.

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Below the Peak Artist Opening Presentation/Meet & Greet

Lee Nordbye
Oct 23rd, 2020, 7pm

Come hear Lee’s thoughts on the Canadian Rockies and his inspiration for Below the Peak.  This event is limited to a COVID (un)friendly number and admittance will be by ticket/reservation only.  Please click here to request a ticket.


As people drive into the Canadian Rockies they become enchanted by the beauty of the magnificent majestic peaks. It is no wonder as they are so captivating! Once you pull yourself away from the spell of the peaks and start to scan the Canadian Rockies from the valley floor to the hanging cliffs, you find yourself equally enchanted by the more subtle beauty of the Canadian Rockies below the peaks. 

You witness the playfulness of light and shadow on ridges and cliffs, the delight of many different tantalizing textures, nature’s work sculpting snow and ice, and mirror-like to mind- warping abstract reflections.

Studying black and white photography of all genres, has inspired Lee to strip out the noise and focus on the nitty gritty of the stories he wants to tell. Enjoy walking through Lee’s visual stories of Below the Peak captured on his various adventures hiking up the side of a mountain, bushwhacking his way through the forest, navigating glaciers or simply sitting along  river and lakes edge. 


It was through his father’s passion for photography, travel and adventure that Lee got the bug. Although Lee has spent a lot of time traveling and capturing the essence of the places he has visited, he is most at home capturing the visual stories of his favorite place, the Canadian Rockies and the interesting adventurous and active souls that play in them. 

 As photographers, we are told to focus on one, may be two, genres of photography, and to develop and perfect a unique vision within the genre . Lee takes pride in the challenge of learning and becoming very proficient at multiple genres of photography including black and white, landscape, night, abstract and portraiture both outside and in studio.   

 Lee believes that the Canadian Rockies are for all to enjoy now and in the future and encourages us all to enjoy while  leaving no trace. 

Lee has a remarkable ability to bring together brilliantly-seen composition and a knack for the unusual and extraordinary to create images that delight, stand out, and will stand the test of time.  It’s been incredible watching his journey, and I can only imagine what the future will continue to bring for this passionate, spirited artist.”

Dave Brosha, Photographer


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