The Heart of Edson Gallery and Studio is a project being undertaken by Jayne and Julian Buchwald.  The notion is to provide main street Edson with a vibrant venue for local artists to share their work with the world.  Edson has a very active arts community comprised of many talented individuals and a number of groups.  Our hope is to help nurture the arts community and fan the flames of creativity in Edson.  A ‘gallery’ classically caters to the visual arts but we would like to expand on that to include what we are calling the ‘studio’.

The Gallery is a formal space for local artists to display their work.  By ‘formal’ we do not intend for our visitors to wear tuxedos and ball gowns.  Simply explained, this space is designed to allow the visitor to explore art in a viewer friendly atmosphere.  It will be arranged and illuminated in a way to reduce distractions letting the viewer the best environment to appreciate the work.   It is closely linked to a retail area which will feature a slightly less formal display of local artisans work.

The Studio is very much a work in progress that is evolving as we receive input from our artists and visitors.  At this time, there are two divisions of the Studio:

A meeting place that is available to groups and/or individuals to host classes, meetings, workshops and the like.  There are tables and chairs to accommodate 25 to 50 attendees.  At the present time, there is access to a projection screen, a digital projector and a simple sound system.  Users will have to supply their own video/audio source (laptop or similar).  We will also be hosting a variety of musical events in this space.  Essentially our version of ‘house concerts’.  Check out the EVENTS page for a list of events from classes to workshops to concerts. 

A photography studio that is also available to groups and/or individuals to make photographs.  It will be available to rent with or without equipment (backdrops and studio lighting and other gear) and will be a space amenable to doing portrait work and possibly product photography.  Are you planning a session but worried about the weather making outdoor work impossible?  Would you like to try some portrait work but don’t want to invest in advanced lighting gear?  This might be the space for you.

If you are an artist and interested in consigning your work in our gallery (formal or retail) or are interested in either the meeting place or photography studio please contact us here.


303 – 50 Street
Edson, AB
(587) 466-0193


Open Hours

Thursday & Friday: 12noon – 5:30pm
Saturday: 11am – 3pm