We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the wonderful individuals who participated in ‘Julian’s Office Art Auction’ that came to a close this afternoon. With overwhelming enthusiasm, twenty-seven out of the thirty-six pieces on offer received bids, signifying two remarkable achievements. Firstly, it brings us joy to know that some of Julian’s photographs have found new homes, where they will be appreciated and enjoyed. Secondly, this incredible event has raised a substantial sum for the benefit of our local community and its invaluable charities. While we await the final tally from the winning bidders, we anticipate that over $3000.00 will be distributed among the Edson Food Bank, the Edson Community Care Foundation, and a well-deserved scholarship specifically designed to support post-secondary students who possess a deep passion for the arts. Once again, we extend our deepest thanks to all who contributed to the success of this meaningful auction.