When I started learning photography, personal computers, cell phones and digital cameras were the stuff of science fiction books.  The art and science of photography was learned from books, magazines and trial and error.  Over the years I have cobbled together a fairly extensive collection of photography books.  In keeping with our mandate of promoting the development of local artists we are making this collection (with the exception of some special editions) available for loan.  There is something organic about an actual print book compared to digital media but that is a topic for another discussion.  Many of these volumes are out of print now and also not available on digital media.  If you are interested in borrowing any of them, please contact us here and we will arrange for a socially distanced pick-up.  There is not cost to borrow but it will be limited to a 2 week period and you will be expected to return the book in the same condition as it left the Gallery.

You can select from the books below and the list will be updated on a regular basis until I get the whole collection catalogued.

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